Kitchen Fail and the Revenge of P2, or How Retargeting Works.

The AD Store calls it P2. It refers to retargeting that is pervasive and personalized.

A recent kitchen fail resulted the implosion of one in a set of glass pendant lamps.  NexTag pointed me towards a vendor who was a good fit. I ordered the lamp. Since then my families web adventures are cluttered with very specifically targeted display ads urging us to purchase the exact same lamp. While the visual of  the lamp is seared into my head, the take away relating to retailers whose retargeting efforts are at the core of my fable are completely absent.

Reliance on automated display retargeting needs to be inter-woven with CRM in order to gain a net positive effect. While digi-tailers of the lamp understand my intent (to buy a pendent lamp) they failed to build loyalty or brand. P2 needs to live within traditional campaign strategy that builds brand and loyalty, particularly with on-line retailers whose points of differentiation are muted into a generic mass of low cost cheap shipping retailers.  Lighting Universe, World of Lighting and Lighting Direct are each only important to me as it relates to who has it for less and gets it to me faster.

The reference to The Minority Report has become cliche. The technology here and is being used. It is the responsibility of the marketer to align touch-points, enabled by technology to be pervasive, with relevant branding. This long term vision delivers an added layer to a technologically fueled marketing and softens the consumer to be more receptive of an additional level of retargeting through email.

If you want to learn more,  check out Tim Peterson’s “On the Beat,” in December’s DM News. Of note, Epsilon Publicity’s Eric Stein talks about a shift from campaign based and episodic marketing to personalized and continuous marketing. In Scott Jones pull quote, the analogy of the retargeting tripod is a great way to look at these opportunities.

Another pretty cool info-graphic from retargeted that will help you wrap your arms around the concept.

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